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Package org.apache.edgent.topology.mbeans

Controls for executing topologies.

See: Description

Package org.apache.edgent.topology.mbeans Description

Controls for executing topologies.

The "Attribute Name" column values below correspond to KEY values defined in org.apache.edgent.runtime.jsoncontrol.JsonControlService.

Application Service

Application service allows an application to be registered so that it be be submitted remotely using a device command.
This service registers a control MBean ApplicationServiceMXBean to provide control of the service.

Submit an Application

Method: ApplicationServiceMXBean.submit(String, String)
JSON Submit Application
Attribute name Type Value Description
type String appService ApplicationServiceMXBean control MBean type.
op String submit Invoke submit operation against the control MBean.
alias String Alias of control MBean. Default is edgent.
args List String: application name Registered application to submit.
JSON Object: submission configuration Configuration for the submission, see submit(). If jobName is not set in the configuration then the job is submitted with jobName set to the application name.

Example submitting the application EngineTemp with no configuration, will result in a running job named EngineTemp.
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